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14. Op Art

14. Op Art

My latest series “Inspirations” is a take on fine art movements that have influenced me as an artist. I created six beautiful works of art, and when I finished, I ripped them apart. When peeled back you find another painting in my juxtaposed cartoon style. I know, it sounds crazy… and for the most part, is was. The finished paintings are truly unique.


Op Art is short for 'optical art'. It was an abstract style that emerged in the 1960's based on the illusionistic effects of line, shape, pattern and color. Op Artists such as Victor Vasarely, Bridget Riley and Richard Anuszkiewicz play with the perception of the viewer by subverting the picture plane with ambiguous shapes, shifting tones and dynamic color relationships. Although Op Art images are static they generate the illusion of movement with perceptual tricks that create an unstable picture surface. The effects of this can be so strong that you have to look away for fear of losing your balance or hurting your eyes. Needless to say that the fairground fun aspect of Op Art was very popular with the public and was quickly commercialized by the design and fashion industries.

$20.00 — $350.00

*Large Archival Print size includes white border with Signature and Limited Edition Number: