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Community on Canvas (Mall of America Art Installation)


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Exterior Mural for Calhoun Square

Final SmallMy most recent mural was for Ackerberg Properties and Calhoun Square.  This was very fun for me because stylistically it was a lot different from what I usually paint.  Although, this does show off the versatility I have as an artist.  Also, it was the first time I ever painted 3 stories up using a scissor lift.  To view more photos and progress shots visit the link below.

Interactive Mural for TEDx Minneapolis

TEDx_smallThis unique piece was an interactive mural painted live at the 2015 TEDx Event in Minneapolis.  It measures 4′ x 8′ and is cut out of 1/2″ Birch.  Designed by me and painted by the patrons of the event. To learn more about this inspiring event click the links below.

Shane Anderson Talks About His Artist in Residency in Thailand

Custom Mural for Bell Banks


Bell Banks Angle4Custom Mural for Bell Banks Minneapolis.  The three panels tie together the Minnesota Branches with the North Dakota Branches.  The left panel is all North Dakota themed while the right panel is all Minnesota themed.  The middle panel is a mix of both.

Artist in Residency Sunny Side Elementary

Sunny Side Web 550

Interactive Mural created with the students of Sunny Side Elementary.  My residency lasted just over 2 weeks and in that time I taught the children painting techniques as well as highlighting and shading.  This huge mural was designed by me and painted by over 600 students of Sunny Side Elementary.

Calhoun Square Wall Mural

calhoun Square Combined1

Custom Mural for Ackerberg Properties & Calhoun Square.  This baby measures 10′ x 50′ and took 6 weeks to complete.  Painted using acrylic / latex house paint and brush.  I am very proud of this piece.  To learn more about Calhoun Square click here.

Calhoun Web4a

Sunrise Banks Mural

Sunrise Angle2

Interactive Mural with Lakeview Elementary

Lakeview2One of my artist in Residencies in 2014 was at Lakeview Elementary in Lakeville.  This very special piece was designed by me and painted by the students of Lakeview.  All 600+ of them.  It was inspiring for them as well as for me.